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HYBL Winter Season 2016-2017 Information

Winter Season 2016-2017 Information   

  • Online Registration for the HYBL Winter Season '16-'17 is now Closed
  • If you missed the online registration period you may register late at one of the Player Evaluation Days (schedule below).  You must write a check for the $125 season fee plus the $15 late fee for a total of $140 per player.  Also we advise you arrive 30 minutes early for your division to sign up and pay if registering late because late registrants are not guaranteed roster spots if divisions fill up. 
  • Boys and Girls in grades PreK through 12 are eligible.
  • The season will start on 11/12/16 and end 2/19/17.
  • Most practices and games will be scheduled on the weekends; Saturday games may be scheduled to start any time from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday games will start no earlier than 1:00 p.m.  There may be weeknight practices for some divisions.
  • Player evaluation dates will be 10/23 and 10/30 at Lee Davis HS.  The Division Specific Evaluation Times are listed in the table below (SAME SCHEDULE FOR BOTH DATES):
    • All participants are encouraged to attend both days, but it is expected that all players will at least make one of the days or the make-up sessions.  If you are preregistered and paid but unable to make either Evaluation Day you will still be placed on a team.
    • Bitty Ballers (pre-K to 1st Grade) will not be evaluated - Bitty Baller teams will be announced the first week of November.
    • Boys 2nd; Boys 3rd; and Girls 2nd-3rd will be evaluated by the league and teams selected (no draft).
    • Head Coaches must attend their divisional time on both days and at least one of the coaches clinics.
    • There will be a raffle held for player evaluation attendees, please be sure and sign in when you arrive for the raffle.  There will be two free registrations awarded as the raffle grand prizes.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes early if pre-registered, or 30 minutes early if registering late.  Late registrants are not guaranteed roster spots if divisions fill up.
    • The divisions specified are subject to change based on the numbers of players registered.

Evaluation Times for both Sunday 10/23 and Sunday 10/30

  Lee Davis Main A Lee Davis Main B Lee Davis Aux A Lee Davis Aux B
4:15 Boys 7th-8th Pro   Girls 2nd-3rd  
4:45 Girls 4th-5th Boys 6th Boys 2nd  
5:15 Girls 8th-12th Boys 4th Girls 6th-7th  
6:00 Mandatory Coaches Clinic      
6:30 Boys 11th-12th Boys 7th-8th College Boys 5th Boys 3rd
7:15     Boys 9th-10th  
7:30 Make-up Session (all divisions)      
  • All practices and games are primarily held at Hanover County public schools, though in some cases other locations may be used.  Please see our Locations Page for a full list of sites. 
  • If you have other questions please contact us.


Winter Season Divisions (tentative, subject to change based on number of registrants)

Division Director Rim Height  BAll Size
Bitty Ballers (pre-K to 1st Grade) Kevin Brooks 8' 27.5"
Boys 2nd TC Wilson / Debbie Trimble 9' 27.5"
Boys 3rd Mike Carr / Jennifer Elkins 10' 28.5"
Boys 4th David Cook 10' 28.5"
Boys 5th John Vandenhoff 10' 28.5"
Boys 6th Rodney Cogbill 10' 29.5"
Boys 7th-8th College Travis Wolfe / Jack Howard 10' 29.5"
Boys 7th-8th Pro Paul Baitinger 10' 29.5"
Boys 9th-10th Rodney Cole 10' 29.5"
Boys 11th-12th Jason Heckman 10' 29.5"
Girls 2nd-3rd Becca Parramore / Brandon Mayhew 9' 27.5"
Girls 4th-5th David Ford / Tim Crytser 10' 28.5"
Girls 6th-7th Becca Parramore / Brandon Mayhew 10' 28.5"
Girls 8th-12th Brad Pomeroy 10' 28.5"


  • If you would like to contact one of the Division Directors please see our Board of Directors page for their contact information.
  • If you have questions, or if you are new to HYBL and wish to be added to our mailing list so you will automatically be notified when registration opens, please contact us.   Note - if you register for the season you will automatically be added to our distribution.

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by Charles Turnage posted 03/24/2016