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It is great that we can now pay on-line with credit card payment.  Is it secure?

In a word, yes.  Standard 128 bit encryption with SSL certification is used for totally secure communications.  Credit card data is passed through for processing and is never stored.

Does HYBL have a payment preference?

Yes, your use of our secure credit card payment feature significantly reduces the administrative burden of our volunteers.  On-line registration requires credit card payment exclusively.  For late sign-ups on tryout day checks are accepted but late fees are imposed for late signups.

Why does the HYBL no longer offer multiple child discounts as has been done in the past?

This was offerred in the past on a trial basis, but resulted in administrative and accounting problems with additional players being added after the initial registration and payment period, and also players dropping out after-the-fact.  Since all this work is done by unpaid volunteers we simplified the process by eliminating this feature.  We make every attempt to keep our families costs as low as possible.

Can I still sign up my child if I miss the registration deadline?

Everyone who registers on-line is guaranteed a roster spot on a team.  If you miss the registration period, you may still come to the tryouts and register and pay on that day if there is no waiting list in your division, a late fee will be applied.  After the tryout day, it is up the Division Director's discretion whether to allow late entries and will depend on whether there are roster spots available.  You may be placed on a waiting list.

Are players required to attend every practice and game?  What about scheduling conflicts?

We certainly encourage 100% attendance, but understand there may be conflicts with other activities.  Players will not be penalized for missed time, however we encourage you to notify your coaches of anticipated missed time so they can plan accordingly.

What is the league policy on "extra" team practices?

The only sanctioned and HYBL insured team practices are those that will be officially scheduled in school gyms as part of the season schedule and posted on this website.  If your coach schedules additional practices outside of our official schedule at alternate sites such as on outdoor courts or in church or private gyms, they should be considered voluntary and HYBL assumes no risk or expense.  Coaches are not allowed to schedule extra practices at alternate sites assuming HYBL sponsorship or insurance "umbrella" coverage.

Why is my child's Division schedule not posted when other are?

Some schedules are more complex to put together depending on Divison size and gym availability.  If there is a long delay please contact your Division Director for an update.

Who do I contact about unsafe conditions or other issues about the gyms?

Contact HYBL's Director of School Facilities, contact information provided in our Contacts section.  Alternatively you can send us an e-mail via our Feedback feature.