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HYBL Winter 2018-2019 Information

Winter 2018-2019 Championship Sunday Schedule (February 24)

Boys 3: 12:30 pm Aux Gym                          Boys 7: 12:30 pm Main Gym

Boys 4: 1:45 pm Aux Gym                            Boys 8: 1:45 pm Main Gym

Boys 5: 3:00 pm Aux Gym                            Boys 9: 3:00 pm Main Gym

Boys 6: 4:15 pm Aux Gym                            Boys 10 - 12: 4:15 pm Main Gym

Girls 4-6: 5:30 pm Aux Gym                         Girls 7-12: 5:30 pm Main Gym


  • Championship games in the Main Gym air live on the NFHS Network
    • Just go to NFHS Network and search "Lee-Davis" and then click on the link
    • All games should be free to watch
  • The Aux. Gym has limited seating, please bring your own chairs if you'd like


Winter 2018-2019 Season Division Information


Division/Grade Primary
Director Rim Height  Ball 
Bitty Ballers 
Oak Knoll MS Primary: Kim Browning
Backup: Kevin Brooks
8' 27.5"
Coed 1st Grade Oak Knoll MS Primary: Kevin Brooks
Backup: Mike Carr
8' 27.5"
Boys 2nd Grade Rural Point ES John Vandenhoff 9' 27.5"
Boys 3rd Grade Laurel Meadow ES Primary: Kevin Brooks
Backup: Paul Baitinger
10' 28.5"
Boys 4th Grade Laurel Meadow ES Tim Crytser 10' 28.5"
Boys 5th Grade Stonewall Jackson MS David Cook 10' 28.5"
Boys 6th Grade Chickahominy MS Primary:  Kevin Brooks
Backup: Paul Baitinger
10' 29.5"
Boys 7th Grade Stonewall Jackson MS Primary: Paul Baitinger
Backup: Kevin Brooks
10' 29.5"
Boys 8th Grade Chickahominy MS Rodney Cogbill 10' 29.5"
Boys 9th Grade Lee-Davis Aux

Primary: Rodney Cole
Backup: Paul Baitinger

10' 29.5"
Boys 10th-12th Grade Lee-Davis Main Jason Heckman 10' 29.5"
Girls 2nd-3rd Grade Rural Point ES David Ford 9' 27.5"
Girls 4th-6th Grade Hanover Acad.
Oak Knoll MS
Primary: David Ford
Backup: Kim Browning
10' 28.5"
Girls 7th-12th Grade Atlee
Oak Knoll MS

Primary: Paul Baitinger
Backup: David Ford
10' 28.5"
To contact a Division Director, please refer to our Board of Directors page.
For maps or directions see our Court Locations page.


Winter 2018-2019 Season Information - Session closed to new participants

  • Winter Season Schedule:
    • November 10 through February 24 (Current schedule)
    • Official League games and practices are usually scheduled on weekends only (Saturday morning through early evening, or Sunday afternoon through evening)
    • The schedules for the entire season should be ready by November 17
    • Championship Games are planned for Sunday, February 24 at Lee-Davis High School (Start Times 1-5 pm)
  • Registration details:
    • Online Registration Period: 9/11/18 - 10/24/18
    • Late Registration (10/25/18 - 11/12/18) for $150 can be taken for select divisions if there are still openings.
  • Registration Eligibility: 
    • Boys and Girls in Pre K-12th grade according to Current Grades as of the 2018-2019 school year
    • Winter Season Division Assignments: Players are grouped by Current Grades
    • Non-Hanover county residents are welcome
    • Players with other activities are welcome, but please let us know about potential conflicts
  • Facilities Locations: The following locations are used:
    • Rural Point Elementary (Primarily: Boys 2nd & Girls 2nd-3rd Grade)
    • Laurel Meadows Elementary (Primarily: Boys 3rd & Boys 4th Grade)
    • Hanover Academy (Primarily: Girls 4th-6th Grade)
    • Chickahominy Middle (Primarily: Boys 6th & Boys 8th Grade)
    • Oak Knoll Middle (Primarily: Bitty Ballers, CoEd 1st Grade, Girls 4th-6th Grade, Girls 7th-12th Grade, Other)
    • Stonewall Jackson Middle (Primarily: Boys 5th Grade & Boys 7th Grade)
    • Atlee High School (Primarily: Girls 7th-12th Grade)
    • Lee-Davis High School Aux (Primarily: Boys 9th Grade or HS Boys or HS Girls)
    • Lee-Davis High School Main (Primarily: Boys 10th-12th Grade)

Summer 2019 Season Registration Information

  • Summer Season Schedule:
    • Mid-June through the last week of July
    • Games and practices are usually scheduled on weekdays only (Monday/Wednesday and/or Tuesday/Thursday)
    • Games/Practice times generally start at the following times 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and/or 8:00 pm (some of the older divisions may be played at 9:00 pm)
    • A tentative Division schedule should be available in early June
    • Teams for most Divisions should be formed between in early June and will be announced as soon as possible after they are formed.
  • Registration details:
    • Online Registration Period: TBD (mid-April to mid-May)
    • Online Registration Cost: $100 (the same cost as last summer)
    • Online Registration for summer is not open yet.
    • Late Registrations are usually accepted for most age groups at $125 ($25 late fee) provided we have spots available.  Late Registrations will be accepted by contacting our Membership Director, Debbie Trimble, from our Board of Directors page.
  • Registration Eligibility: 
    • Boys and Girls in Pre K-12th grade according to Current Grades
    • Summer Season Division Assignments: Players are grouped by Current Grades
    • Non-Hanover county residents are welcome
    • Swimmers and baseball players are welcome, but please let us know about potential conflicts
  • Player Evaluations: TBD
  • Facilities Locations: Generally Hanover County Public Schools or other gyms in or around the county
  • Interested in coaching?
    • If you are registering a player, you can sign-up during registration 
    • If you are NOT registering a player, please contact Paul Baitinger from the Board of Directors page
  • Keep informed: join our email list
    • If you've previously registered or are registering now you will be automatically added to the email distribution list.

If you haven't previously registered or would like to stay informed about HYBL, join our email list.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

by Paul Baitinger posted 10/22/2018